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The latest issue of the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) newsletter Partner Zeitung is now available at the link below. The newsletter contains information about making hotel reservations for the 2023 IGGP conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The MAGS officers are excited that you have found our website. We are frequently adding information to this site so please come back often. The site also provides us with the ability to manage our membership, communicate with our members, and allows you to find information about and register for events.

What's New ?

5 Sep 2022 The September issue of Der Kurier has been published on the website. You can see a synopsis of the articles on the Der Kurier tab.
5 Sep 2022 Board member reports for the previous quarter have been posted in the Documents and Reports section under the Members tab.
6 May 2022
Just Announced !
International German Genealogy Partnership
June 9 - 11, 2023
Fort Wayne, Indiana
They are looking for volunteers. Please contact John Frank if you are interested in helping with this event.
31 Mar 2022
Here now! The 1950 Census
Compliments of Family Tree Magazine Editors
12 Jan 2022 A new dataset has been added to our database collection. The records of Trinity Lutheran Church in Cleveland (1853-1911) document the lives of many German immigrants from Osnabrück and other locations in Germany. See a more detailed description on this page.
24 Aug 2021 An interesting new data file has been added under the MAGS Databases tab. It is a list of missionaries who were trained at the Basel Mission in Switzerland and who came to the United States to serve as pastors. Nearly 300 men have been identified, and detailed information about them can be found in The Archives at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis. An article describing the pastors and the sources of the list will appear in the October issue of Der Ahnenforscher, the newsletter of the German Genealogy Group.
11 Jul 2021 Three new research documents have been posted to the members-only website. A new record guide for the American consulate general at Dresden is now available. It can be found under the Members tab, then Documents and Reports, then Consulates - Research Guides. There are also new fact sheets for Bavaria and Saxony. They can be found under German States - Fact Sheets.
20 May 2021
Great News!
On May 19th the National Genealogical Society announced that John T Humphrey, former MAGS president, author, and speaker was inducted into the National Genealogy Hall of Fame. John was nominated for the award by our society. The MAGS board and society members should be honored that the NGS accepted our nomination. John was a leading force in MAGS for many years before his untimely death in 2012.
You can read the announcement and details of the award at this link.
14 Apr 2021
The MAGS databases have been redesigned and now appear on a different page. Click on the MAGS Databases tab, then under that tab click on Member database search if you have logged in to the website. Otherwise click on Public database search. The original search mechanism is still there also.
A new database of names of overseas pensioners from the 1899 Pension Bureau report is now included. See a description of this database by clicking on Database descriptions.

Document of the Month

It's a little-known fact that each year in the late 1800s hundreds of Americans left the United States to migrate to new places like Canada, Brazil, and Mexico, or to return to their ancestral homes.  Finding those people and where they went can be difficult.  This document is an example of a source for that information. 
An injured veteran of any branch of the American military was eligible to apply for a pension; that included veterans who lived outside the United States.  Those men needed to comply with all regulations concerning a pension, which included having a qualified physician conduct a physical examination to determine if the injury on the soldier's service record prevented him from earning a living by manual labor.  In order to ensure that eligible men living abroad had the opportunity to apply for a pension, the Pension Bureau compiled lists of veterans living overseas and sent that list to the Secretary of the Interior.  The Secretary would ensure that list went to the Department of State. The State Department would contact the consulate nearest to the veteran’s residence to coordinate the pension application process, starting with finding a local physician to conduct the mandatory examination.
This document is an example of such a list.  For family historians, these lists take on a new significance, because they provide essential information about those family members who lived overseas, often providing a specific address within a foreign city.  Look at the number of countries where American veterans lived.  Note the data contained in the list, such as the military service unit, pension certificate number, and local foreign address.  If this document interests you or might help someone you know, be sure to check out the MAGS website and look at the Overseas Military Pension dataset. That is a searchable dataset of the names included in these records for the years 1871-1907. 

Gift from the Archives



One of Baltimore’s smallest museums tells its biggest story: how immigrants transformed the city over the centuries. The Baltimore Immigration Museum, which opened its doors in Locust Point in 2016, commemorates the hundreds of thousands of people who chose Baltimore to begin a new life in the United States.

The museum location at 1308 Beason Street has a unique tie to the immigration story: from 1904 to 1914, immigrants who needed temporary housing before moving on to their final destinations used the building for shelter. A German church located in Locust Point built the structure, which is one of the last immigrant houses in Baltimore still standing.


October 21
Adding Illustrations to your Genealogy
Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society Fall Workshop   Friday, October 21, 2022 Maritime Institute of Technology Linthicum Heights, Maryland   Adding Illustrations to your Genealogy: Preserving Family Memories and Making It Interesting With Carol Carman The three-hour workshop will be presented by Carol Carman, a librarian who has been researching and ...

October 22
MAGS Fall Meeting
Research Methodology featuring Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA and Debra A. Hoffman, PLCGS Please join us in person at the Maritime Institute for our fall conference.   Morning sessions: “Research Methods I: Creating an Effective Research Plan” – Angela Packer McGhie Genealogists are more efficient when they have a plan. ...