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The MAGS officers are excited to be able to present a new on-line look for our organization. You will find many new features on this site. The site also provides us a better ability to manage our membership and communicate with our members.

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22 Nov 2019 It has been noted that the Kartenmeister website is back online. Kartenmeister is a database of village names in former German areas of Poland, Russia, and Lithuania.
18 Nov 2019
 SAVE     T H E     D A T E  !
Friday, April 24, 2020
MAGS Spring Workshop DNA Tests
               Instructor: Andy Hochreiter
Andy has over 25 years experience in genealogy and 10 years specifically in genetic genealogy. He is an adjunct faculty instructor for Genetic Genealogy courses at Howard Community College, Columbia, MD. He is a retired U.S. Army officer experienced with military records at NARA.
See the attached brochure for more information.
11 Nov 2019
S A V E     T H E     D A T E  !
Saturday, April 25, 2020
MAGS Spring Conference
featuring  Dr Roger Minert

Born in Nebraska, he has also lived in Utah, California, and Ohio and has spent three years in Germany and one year in Austria. He earned a B.A. in German at BYU, a M.A. in German literature, and a Ph.D. in German language history and second language acquisition at Ohio State University. The author of more than seventy books and articles on German family history research
A few quotes from Dr Minert's students at BYU: 
"Dr. Minert was an amazing teacher. . Dr. Minert is truly the BEST professor I've ever had. I learned so much from that class! He is extremely knowledgeable and really cares about his students. He gave us all so much of his work for free because he really cares about the work. Love him!"
"He LOVES family history, so at least you always have his enthusiasm."
30 Oct 2019 Reports from the recent conference have been posted in the Documents and Reports section under the Members tab.
6 Sep 2019 The September issue of Der Kurier has been posted to the website. Once you login, select the Members tab and then Recent Der Kurier Issues under that heading.
25 Aug 2019 A new record guide for the American consulate at Munich has been posted to the members-only website. It can be found under the Members tab, then Documents and Reports, then Consulates - Research Guides.
15 Jul 2019 A PDF version of Andy Hochreiter's three presentations at the recent MAGS workshop have been placed on the members only page. Please click here to see them.

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December 7
2019 MGS Holiday Luncheon
Guest Speaker – Dr. Kenneth W. Heger presenting: “A World-Traveling Wounded Warrior: The Journeys of Henry Müller”   Finding information about your ancestor’s world travels prior to World War I is difficult but not impossible.  Take the case of Civil War veteran Henry Müller.  Müller joined the army as ...

April 24
MAGS 2020 Spring Workshop and Meeting
S A V E     T H E       D A T E S ! Check our web site frequently! More information will be coming on our speakers and topics Look for blast e-mails  §§§   Update on Workshop April 24, 2020 1:00 – 4:00 PM DoubleTree Hilton,  Laurel, ...