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The latest issue of the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) newsletter Partner Zeitung is now available at the link below. The newsletter contains information about making hotel reservations for the 2023 IGGP conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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2 Feb 2024 A new issue of the IGGP Partner Zeitung has been published. See the link at the top of this page.
28 Nov 2023 The December issue of Der Kurier has been published on the website. You can see a synopsis of the articles on the Der Kurier tab.
1 Jun 2023 See the new MAGS promotional video (Learn About MAGS) above. This video will be featured at the MAGS booth at the IGGP Conference 2023 in June.
31 Mar 2023
Baltimore Hertiage Society has several video presentations on Baltimore, Maryland.
This YouTube video is about the Hansa House on Redwood St. It has a long German history, and it may be of interest  to our membership.
10 Feb 2023 Recent board meeting minutes, fall conference minutes, financial and membership reports are now on the Members page under Documents and Reports.

Document of the Month

MAGS member Gordon Seyffert submitted this document. Following is his description of where he located the document and the information he discovered. For a translation of the document, click here.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was never permitted to film church records in Saxony, and so in order to attempt to learn more about my ancestors in Zwenkau (south of Leipzig), I had to turn to their films of the court records which (being government and not church records) they were able to film.  This page shows the family members selling a small garden plot that had been owned by their late wife and mother.  It was being sold out of the family after at least six decades of ownership, but they had no deed for the land.  Therefore it was necessary to establish chain-of-title in order to satisfy the buyer, and this document (including subsequent pages) was able to provide me the names of seven new ancestors and close relatives (and their relationships to one another).  The handwriting is beautiful, as well as readable!

Gift from the Archives

Where ever you are, take time and  go to your favorite German Restaurant and celebrate OKTOBERFEST
Enjoy good food, and of course  don't forget the bier!