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Welcome to the MAGS web site!

The MAGS officers are excited to be able to present a new on-line look for our organization. You will find many new features on this site. The site also provides us a better ability to manage our membership and communicate with our members.

What's New ?

1 Jun 2019 The June issue of Der Kurier has been posted to the website. Once you login, select the Members tab and then Recent Der Kurier Issues under that heading.
2 May 2019 Registration for our summer workshop on DNA as well as our fall workshop and conference is now open. See the Event Registration page under the MAGS Store menu.
27 Apr 2019 The handouts from our Spring conference have been posted to the Members area. Look under Documents and Reports, then under Meeting Handouts.
16 Apr 2019 MAGS is no longer selling the John Humphrey Pennsylvania Births series of books. All of our remaining inventory was sold to Heritage Books.
30 Mar 2019 A new record guide for the American consulate at Fürth has been posted to the members-only website. It can be found under the Members tab, then Documents and Reports, then Consulates - Research Guides.
5 Feb 2019 Reports from the recent board meeting have been posted in the Documents and Reports section under the Members tab.
16 Jan 2019

119th German Festival
S A V E   T H E   D A T E 
July 13th and 14th 2019
at the Timonium Fairgrounds
Food and fun for the whole family
Get more information at
15 Nov 2018


This website is dedicated to those of German ancestry.  Some are recent arrivals, but for the most part, these pages contain information about our ancestors that arrived in America many years ago and settled in Maryland. 
The site is divided into several sections.  The Biography section contains many persons that have paved the way for life as we live today.  Some made very important contributions to Maryland and to the United States.  I am always looking for additional profiles. 
Every story is important.  Whether your ancestors were inventors, manufacturers, brewers or a stay at home Mom, they all contributed.  Their every step paved the way.
8 Aug 2018 Five new or updated databases have been added recently. They are located on a separate page from the other databases while we wait for an upgrade to our hosting platform. You can read their descriptions and access them from the main database page or from here.
3 Aug 2018 The MAGS Ahnentafel book that was published in 2001 is now available online for members only. The PDF file is fully searchable. After you login, please click on the Surname Research box in the left margin, then MAGS Ahnentafel Book under that topic.

Gift from the Archives

MAGS will periodically display images of interest, including postcards, letterhead, and other historical documents discovered at the National Archives and other locations. Check back frequently to see what's new. In addition, members have access to an image gallery and library of images to browse.

MAGS is represented at the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference June 13 - 16 in Sacramento, California

More photos to follow!

July 13
SAVE THE DATES     Food and fun for the whole family. for more information:

July 13
Using DNA to Trace Family: The Basics
Presented by Andrew Hochreiter   Direct to Consumer DNA test kits have introduced an important tool for genealogists and family historians. Genetic Genealogy provides another way to discover family relationships, ancestral lines and geographical origins. This presentation will discuss the types of DNA and their inheritance patterns, what companies and ...

October 25
Using Map Resources to Locate German Ancestral Villages
WORKSHOP – Friday, October 25, 2019 Using Map Resources to Locate German Ancestral Villages Presented by Bob Greiner   What You Will Learn This hands-on workshop will show you how to use a variety of online resources to locate places in Germany during the 19th century. Applications such as ...

October 26
German Migration in the Mid-Atlantic States
Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Karen Good Cooper Our German immigrants had a certain kind of agriculture that, along with their particular customs and social beliefs, played a very important part in how American economics, local politics and social bonds developed.   Reverend Peter Muhlenberg and the German Element in Virginia ...