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MAGS maintains several databases from unique sources that you will not find anywhere else. You may search for names within these databases below. If you do not select a specific database, the search will return results from each of the databases. If you are not logged in as a member, the search returns only the name and database reference. To see the details of each record, you must login. The Geissenhainer church record databases are available to everybody. To see the details of a record, search for a name within a specific church record database (baptisms, confirmations, or marriages).
Please refer to the subpages in the menu at the left for more information about each of our databases. There are also detailed instructions about how to modify your searches to improve your results.
***   NOTICE   ***
At the moment our web service provider is busy testing a new version of the web software and is not able to update our databases. We have created several new databases and updated some others. They are hosted on a temporary platform which uses an alternative database search mechanism.
You can still search our existing databases using the form below. You can search the new and updated databases by clicking on the following link, which will take you to a different search page.
Thank you for your patience.
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