Naturalization Records for Germans

from the Federal Courts in Eastern Pennsylvania

1798 - 1833

    Early federal naturalization records often contain a lot of information about the individual that is not available elsewhere.  Most of the individuals listed in these records from the Federal District and Circuit Courts in Philadelphia PA were from England, Ireland, or France; but at least 109 were from Germanic Europe and are contained in this database.  Because the US government did not require the names of immigrants arriving on ships prior to 1800, this information was unknown to researchers.  A few lists exist 1800 -1819 for the Port of Philadelphia, but not for other ports.  In many of these petitions and/or declarations the date and port of arrival, the port from which they sailed, and in a very small number of cases the name of the ship is listed.  In some cases their exact birthplace is noted.  The records for an individual were often scattered through the records listed below, but were combined in the database.  
    Most of these records are now available on-line on The compiler of this database attempted to maintain the spelling that was used in the original documents. For further information about these records, contact Susannah E. Brooks.
Source information:
NARA Record Group 21, Records of District Courts of the United States
Microfilm M1522A: Naturalization Petitions for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Rolls 1-3, 39-41
Microfilm M1522B: Naturalization Petitions for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Roll 369
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