Emigration Certificates Issued by the US Consul in Bremen

December 1833 - August 1836

    During this two and a half year period the United States Consul in Bremen, Germany  issued emigration certificates to 272 individuals and their families.  In most cases the actual certificate was given to the emigrant and the information was recorded in the Memorandum Book cited below.  These certificates would be similar to modern visas, in that they were issued by the receiving country, not the jurisdiction in which the people lived. 

    The value for researchers is that the entries in the consul records include name of the towns where the people resided and/or were born. The majority of these people lived within a small area of Mittelfranken, Bavaria.  It is unknown why the certificates were only being issued to people from this small area of Germany. 

    In addition to the information included in the Memorandum Book, this researcher attempted to find the arrival of these individuals and families in the United States. The notation "not found" means that in the short time allotted to each person in the database this researcher did not find the arrival, but someone devoting more time and using more name variations might find the arrival.  This researcher attempted to transcribe the entries using the spelling used in the record.

Source information:

NARA Record Group 84, Records of US Foreign Service Posts: Records of the US Consulate at Bremen

Volume 13: Miscellaneous Record Book (Consular Memorandum Book) 4 January 1830-24 August 1836 [NARA ID #1279980]

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