Applications for Pension 
for Veterans Residing Outside the United States (1881-1907)
Correspondences of the Department of Interior
     This database is an index of records of the Secretary of the Interior from the period 1881-1907 regarding military veterans residing outside of the United States. The records contain correspondences regarding the veteran's application for pension. Most of the documents are letters / memos from the Secretary of Interior to the Department of State requesting them to investigate the legality of the pension request and verify the pensioner’s injury. There are also documents from consulate offices and foreign embassies regarding the pensioner’s requests and their status.
    These records contain: the name of the individual pensioner, including any aliases; the pensioner’s address; the pensioner’s military organization; the pension certificate number; and the National Archives identification number. The records are part of Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, Record Group 48.
    You may search these records by surname, given name, or certificate number. The results will include the person's name and the certificate number. It is recommended that once you find a person of interest that you search again using the certificate number. In some cases there are multiple correspondences regarding the same pension.
    Free digital copies of the actual correscondences in JPEG format may be obtained from Gunter Schanzenbacher. Hard copies may be obtained at a cost of $1.50 for postage and handling.
Source information:
NARA Record Group 48, Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior: Patents and Miscellaneous Division
Entry 156: Letters Received by the Patents and Miscellaneous Division, 1881-1907 [NARA ID #656429]
Entry 218: Letters Received from the Commissioner of Pensions, 1881-1883 [NARA ID #731020]
Entry 222: Letters Received by the Bureau of Pensions, Patents & Miscellaneous Division, 1896-1907 [NARA ID #820146]
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