Contents of Der Kurier issues

June 2022
  • Did Your Ancestor Serve in the Civil War? Don’t Forget the 1890 Special Census, Dr. Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Finding Germans in Institutions, Debra A. Hoffman, PLCGS
  • Friedrich Armin Ausfeld—Pastor, Calligrapher, and Family Historian, Bob Greiner
  • Autosomal DNA: Understanding the Results—A Popular and Valuable DNA Test for Family Research, Andrew Hochreiter
  • From German to English and Back, Ken Weaver
March 2022
  • Emigration Procedures from Bremen, Germany—1896, Bob Greiner
  • Saxony, Part III: A Final Look at Saxony,Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • DNA Group Projects Can Benefit German Family Research, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Fraktur, Kurrentschrift, und Sütterlin: A Primer, Ken Weaver
December 2021
  • Saxony, Part II Registration of American Citizens, 1907–1917, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Understanding Relationships, Andrew Hochreiter
  • The Bortz Family from Köslin District, Pomerania, Bob Greiner
  • Welches Sternzeichen bist du?, Ken Weaver
September 2021
  • A Winding Path to Research Discoveries, Sean Kessler
  • Saxony, Part I A Name-Rich Volume from Dresden, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Identifying DNA Segments from a Common German Ancestor, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Tracing a Greiner Immigrant from Stettin, Pomerania?, Bob Greiner
  • Dom. Exaudi, Ken Weaver
  • The Maritime Conference Center near Baltimore-Washington International Airport: A New Meeting Site, Carol Carman
June 2021
  • Memorializing a Mentor, With Fondness and Sadness, James M. Beidler
  • Finding Ancestors in Taufscheine, Dr. Jonathan Acker
  • Frederick Besel’s 1854 Letter to Germany: Part II, Bob Greiner
  • Brighten Up Your Research by Adding Visuals: A Quick Look at the U.S.S. NEW YORK, 1895-1899, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Isch hab dich gelle gern!, Ken Weaver
  • Five Advanced Tips for Deciphering German Handwriting, Katherine Schober
  • The X Chromosome’s Unique Inheritance, Andrew Hochreiter
March 2021
  • Frederick Besel’s 1854 Letter to Germany, Dr. Michael Kraemer, Bob Greiner
  • In Springfil Daunschib Philedeliphi gaundÿ, Ken Weaver
  • Six Letter Swaps to Save the (Handwriting) Day, Katherine Schober
  • New Germanic Communities at AncestryDNA, Andrew Hochreiter
  • A Gem from Frankfurt-am-Main: An Imprisoned American, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Index for Volume 38 of Der Kurier, Emily Andrews
December 2020
  • Letter to the Editor, Scott Holl, Eden Theological Seminary
  • Immigrants from Southern Germany and Alsace, Bob Greiner
  • Using Clustering Tools and Genetic Networks to Find Family, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Finding Ancestors in Taufscheine, Jon Charles Acker, Ph.D.
  • Mit dem Seeschiffe, Ken Weaver
  • Online Translation Tools: To Use or Not to Use?, Katherine Schober
  • The Frankfurt Consulate Came to the Rescue: Helping Americans in Need in 1902, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
September 2020
  • Mistakes: The Best Way to Learn, Sean M. Kessler
  • A Case of Genealogical Serendipity, Bob Greiner
  • Discovering Family with DNA: A Personal Journey, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Ortsnamenkunde: The Study of Town & Village Names, Ken Weaver
  • Finding Ancestors in Taufscheine, Jon Charles Acker, Ph.D.
  • Aufwiedersehen Sommer! A Brief Look at Four Beaches in Schleswig-Holstein Prior to World War I, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Finding Swiss Church Records in the Bern Canton Archives, Gunter Schanzenbacher
  • The Most Asked Question about the German Handwriting Is…, Katherine Schober
June 2020
  • Putting Social Distance to Good Use, James M. Beidler
  • Researching Bavaria, Part VII: Using the MAGS Website, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Notes about Hochfelden, Daniel E. Soller
  • New Ethnicity Estimates at Living DNA, Andrew Hochreiter
  • A Grandchild’s Surname Leads to Discovery of an Ancestral Village, Bob Greiner
  • Stand und Gewerbe: Status and Occupation, Ken Weaver
  • The Top Six Transcription Tips for Tricky Handwritten Words, Katherine Schober
March 2020
  • Researching Bavaria, Part VI:
  • The Bavarian Palatinate, 1815-1914, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • What’s Your Name? Ten Tips for Understanding Names in German Genealogy Documents, Katherine Schober
  • What's in a German Name?, Ken Weaver
  • Why Family Trees Are Important, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Constructing Family Relationships from U.S. Consulate Files, Bob Greiner
December 2019
  • Writing Finale to a Long Goodbye ...
  • But, Honestly, I’m Not Going Anywhere!, James M. Beidler
  • Learning to Know You, Gordon Seyffert
  • The Letters We Love to Hate — and How to Love Them A Little More, Katherine Schober
  • What's in a German Name?, Ken Weaver
  • What to do with a DNA Match, Part 2, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Records from Christ Church in Baltimore, John Frank
  • Finding an Ancestral Village Using Associated Sources, Bob Greiner
  • Researching Bavaria, Part V:
  • The American Consulate in Nuremberg, 1833 - 1912, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
September 2019
  • Pardon me, sir! Can you read this handwriting?, Roger P, Minert, Ph.D., A.G.
  • Walter von Bodecker's Journey to America, Part 2, Bob Greiner
  • The Valiant Vowels of the Old German Script, Katherine Schober
  • What's in a German Name?, Ken Weaver
  • What to do with a DNA Match, Part 1, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Searching for the Elusive Caspar Schmidt, Bob Greiner
  • Researching Bavaria, Part IV: The American Consulate in Munich, 1833 - 1912, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
June 2019
  • Walter von Bodecker's Journey to America, Part 1, Bob Greiner
  • Finding Ancestors in the Hamburg Passenger Lists, Annette Unrau Adams
  • Your A-Z Guide of Abbreviations in German Genealogy, Katherine Schober
  • What's in a German Name, Ken Weaver
  • Mitochondrial DNA, Andrew Hochreiter
  • Researching Bavaria, Part III: The American Consulate in Fürth, 1872 - 1898, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Baltimore Immigrant Found in U. S. Consular Records, Bob Greiner
March 2019
  • Researching Bavaria, Part II: The American Consulate in Bamberg, 1890 - 1908, Kenneth W. Heger, Ph.D.
  • Five Must-Know Technological Tools for Transcribing the Old German Handwriting, Katherine Schober
  • What's in a German Name, Ken Weaver
  • A Survey of Genetic Genealogy Resources, Andrew Hochreiter
  • The Passow FAN Club in Warnow, Bob Greiner