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Christ Church Baptisms Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church records (Locust Point, Baltimore), 1886-1926.
Christ Church Confirmations Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church records (Locust Point, Baltimore), 1887-1925.
Christ Church Marriages Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church records (Locust Point, Baltimore), 1886-1926.
Christ Church Deaths Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church records (Locust Point, Baltimore), 1887-1925.
Columbia Institution
In February 1857, the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind began operations to provide primary education and moral training to deaf, mute, and blind children. Located in the District of Columbia, the school soon attracted students from all over the United States. In 1865, the institution established the National Deaf Mute College, now known as Gallaudet University. Children from the District of Columbia comprised a large portion of the student body.
Congress required Federal agencies to write an annual report providing an overview of their accomplishments. Because the Columbia Institution was situated administratively within the Department of the Interior (DOI), the school’s president wrote the report and submitted it to the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary included that report in his annual report to Congress. Each report includes information on the state of school finances, and lists the courses of instruction, as well as the names of and changes in school personnel. The records provide information about the student’s routine life at the school, the academic choices he or she had, and the names of the instructors.
Consular Despatches This database indexes despatches that U.S. consulates sent to the Department of State in Washington, D.C.  The Department categorized these despatches as Official Correspondence.  Consular despatches are generally formal documents.  They read like reports, and can contain details on what life was like in the consular district as well as information on individuals. The despatches are from NARA Record Group 59, General Records of the Department of State.
Consular Instructions This database indexes instructions and despatches the Department of State in Washington, D.C. sent to consulates outside of the United States.  The Department categorized these instructions and despatches as Official Correspondence. For the most part, these instructions and despatches records relate to the administrative functions of the consulate. There can, however, be documentation of people. The despatches are from NARA Record Group 84, Records of Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State.
Der Deutsche Correspondent
Der Deutsche Correspondent was a German-language newspaper published in Baltimore beginning in 1841 by its founder and first editor, Frederick Raine, a German immigrant. On January 2, 1883 it published a list called “Chronik von Todesfällen Deutscher in Baltimore, resp. Maryland, im Jahre 1882.” A yearly list was published until the paper ceased publication after April 28, 1918. This database is a transcription of the lists that could be found covering the years 1882 to 1905 and 1917.
1883 Pension Bureau Report This database indexes the names of the approximately 1,600 pensioners living outside of the United States whose names appear in Part V of a special 1883 Pension Bureau report to Congress, entitled The List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883: Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for Which Pensioned, the Post-Office Address, the Rate of Pension per Month, and the Date of the Original Allowance. As Called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882.